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Customer satisfaction is our prime ambition and to make it possible, we have well trained team in our company. We keep our all clients updated with best information. Timely delivery as scheduled is our watchword to keep our clients satisfies on every step.We have designed lots of customer oriented programmes paying attention to our customer’s requirements. We are always alert not to give a chance to our customer for complain but when it comes we are happy to listen them and very careful to determine it. Keeping all the suggestion and comments from our customer’s in mind, we have to able to shape our services so they're easier, better and faster to use.

Cargo Acceptance Form

A. At the time of acceptance, an IAC employee or authorized representative must request a valid form of ID from each individual who tenders the cargo for transport. An expired ID is not valid for the purpose of this check; Any of the following forms of ID deemed valid:
  • 1. A photo ID issued by a government authority. The IAC's employee or authorized representative must verify the ID is a true representation of the individual.
  • 2. Two others forms of ID, at least one of which must be issued by a Government.
B. The IAC must ensure the ID check in Section A. above is documented and contains the language and information autlined below and that each question or request for information is addressed or acknowledged and no black spaces are left unfilled. The terms "none" or "N/A"(that is:not applicable) must be used to indicate omitted information.
Fill Cargo Form
Number Appearing On First ID Reviewed: (required)
Type Of Second Id Reviewed, if The 1st was not Government Issued:
Name Appearing On Id
Signature of Shipper From Whom Cargo Was Accepted:
Name Of Employee or Authorized Representative Who Verified ID information
Warning: This record contains sensitive security information that is controlled under 49 CFR parts 15 and 1520. No part of this record may be disclosed to persons without a "need to know", as defined in 49 CFR parts 15 and 1520, except with the written permission of the administrator of transportation security administration or the secretary of transportation. Unauthorized release may result in civil penalty or other acton. For U.S Government agencies, public disclosure governed by 5 U.S.C.552 and 49 CFR parts and 1520.

Shipper Verification Form

Please download to complete and fax to 862.579.4028 or email: