GUL e-Procurement System

Procurement, shipping and final delivery of vital items within two (2) weeks* Our procurement service caters for businesses, traders, companies, contractors, individuals etc that need products from Canada and the US. This is an end to end service delivery whereby we handling all processes involved from order to delivery. We help customers negotiate prices through retail market intelligence in major industries such as automobile, electronics, fashion, beauty and cosmetics, etc. In summary, we offer a one stop solution, from procurement to final shipping to destination.
The delivery period ranges from 2-4 weeks estimates are based on the premise that some merchants may take longer time to deliver items than others. For customers to experience sizable savings in our services, we operate a “ZERO” markup policy on our procurement prices as seen or prevalent with the use of inexperienced contractors. We get your products directly from reliable and trusted manufacturers and this service enables you to optimize your spending without compromising on quality. We also handle all related logistics processes to avoid unnecessary delays, problems with customs, as well as handling the customs clearing process in order to expedite delivery to customers……. we got you covered. Insurance cover is also available upon request. In Summary, this chart explains our entire Order to Delivery Process
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